Silkscreen Stickers

  • Perfect for long term life in the harsh Australian sun with  a durability of 3-5 years
  • Weather proof and durable

silk screen sticker

When stickers are screen printed they are a lot more durable and longer lasting than digitally printed stickers. The ink on screen printed stickers goes on up to 10 times thicker than in the digital process and they are printed using a lower line screen (35-65 lines per inch). This means that silkscreen printing is not the best way to print shading, shadows or gradients of colour. We find that the best silkscreen stickers utilize solid colours.

These stickers always finish as individual stickers with back liners cut to the shape of the finished sticker and a on a crack-n-peel liner, or what is called a split back liner.  Back printing options and custom shaped die-cuts available. These stickers print in 4-5 business days.

The most common material used is PVC and there are numerous grades which you can select from depending on the application. We can help with this.

Silk Screen stickers are used for bumper stickers, car windows, store-front windows, product identification, visual warning labels and safety awareness and compliance notifications.

We offer:

  • Additional Lamination that protects against abrasion, most solvents, oil, gasoline and some acids.
  • A few adhesive options for silkscreen including:
    • Hi-tac adhesive available – has an immediate and permanent tack when applied and sticks to most surfaces.
    • Permanent adhesive available – has a high initial tack and strong ultimate bond.
    • Removable, Low tack adhesive available – completely removable with no adhesive residue. Great for skins! (Removable does lose the ‘removable properties if left for more than 6 months).
  • Spot colour matching available for Pantone colours using UV inks.
  • A full range of metallic colours.

Digital Stickers

  • Ideal for short term indoor and outdoor applications
  • Perfect for small quantities
Digital Sticker

Custom Shapes are No Problem!

Digital stickers are a perfect way to print small runs without the expenses of setup and screen fees.  They are printed using a 4 colour CMYK process which is great for gradients of colours, shading and complex colour combinations.  Once printed, the stickers are individually sheeted with slightly oversized back liners for protection.  They are durable and can be used indoors and outdoors with fade durability of up to 12 months. Digital stickers have a 1 to 2 business day production time.

We offer:

  • White or Clear Premium Sticker Material made from PVC (other materials available on request)
  • A choice of lamination including gloss, matt and satin, which is a great way to protect your digitally printed stickers against abrasion and fading.
  • Custom shapes of our digitally printed stickers as we contour cut as well.