Why Polyester makes you stink!

PolyesterMakesYouSmellBody odour is just awful apart from making you self conscious it has a choking effect on you. Polyester synthetic fabric is famous for making you stink horribly when you sweat. While working out you need to feel comfortable and cool. With so many new technologies to develop workout clothes consumers have so many choices but with no idea what is appropriate for them.

Why poly-synthetic fabric makes you smell

Synthetic fabric are great at moisture wicking abilities. The synthetic materials use the hollow fibre that wick moisture off your skin thus leaving you dry. This attribute of quickly wicking moisture from your body is what actually makes you stink. It makes them vulnerable to bacteria build up and hence the stench. Synthetic fabric is created of tiny microscopic notches that are meant to collect sweat from the inner layer of the garment and move it to the outer layer of the garment for faster evaporation. These microscopic holes are however, the perfect place for bacteria to form.

So though it is a wick winner it is also this fast process of evaporating the sweat that makes them vulnerable to bacteria build up that causes the smell. The other problem with the poly synthetic fabric is the bacteria trapped in the fibres is hard to get out so the smell lingers even after you wash the cloth. Sports gear companies are however, coming up with the better synthetics compared to the past ones that stuck with the smell. Modern fabrics can be effectively cleaned although the smell does not all go away. Some manufactures add silver to their fabrics to act as an antimicrobial agent. Treat your fabric with genuine odour block technology so as to be able to eliminate the bacteria that causes the smell.

Advantages of poly-synthetic fabric

  1. It is durable and not prone to wear and tear.
  2. Good at wicking sweat
  3. It dries faster because it is hydrophobic
  4. It is easy to maintain
  5. It is available in most stores
  6. It is relatively cheaper compared at other fabrics


  1. It smells quickly because of bacteria build up.
  2. It is not comfortable in comparison with natural fabrics
  3. It is highly flammable
  4. Their manufacturing company contributes to environmental degradation.

Why natural fabrics don’t smell as much

Cotton and wool materials are like sponge they absorb bacteria that cause the smelly sweat. Moisture is trapped on the outside fibres and also most of the vapour and thus no bacteria are left to grow on the inside of the fabric. When cleaned natural fabrics take everything out, but it is also for this wring out experience that makes them not as durable. Natural fabrics have anti-microbial properties that allow multiple uses before they stink. Unfortunately the natural’s performance eventually fades because the detergents bond to the surface of these fibres. Print Hutt has a massive range of cotton t-shirts for work-wear and can be printed on as well.

Advantages of natural fabric

  1. They transport vapour as well as liquid
  2. They are comfortable to wear
  3. They do not stink easily


  1. They are expensive compared to synthetics
  2. They are need proper and high maintenance

Sporting gear companies are coming up with better ways of making polyester not stink so much. One is the use of silver. Silver attaches to the bacteria at the molecular level thus help with its removal as it is not trapped inside the fabric. The second is making clothes with a type of polyester that contains volcanic ash. This polyester has great wicking capabilities it has a pore size that is the same size as a bacteria molecule. It thus traps the bacteria and when washed in warm water it releases the bacteria.

Never use fabric softeners to hide the odour expert advice this instead helps block the pores and inhibit their moisture wicking properties. Just wash your poly synthetic fabrics after every workout and hope one day manufacturing companies will come up with non-stinking fabrics.