Digital Printing

The most advanced printing technology today, the benefits of digital printing are numerous:

  • accurate printing for thousands of copies
  • produced from a digital file, which eliminates time-consuming and costly pre-press production
  • lower cost per unit for small print runs due to lower set up costs
  • integrated software allows text and graphic alterations to accommodate virtually any surface or finish

Wide format printing is perfect for shop and window displays, vehicles and store boards as it attracts and engages customer attention, so they are more enticed by your product or service – making it a very cost-effective marketing option – and our advanced technology enables us to customise your project without interrupting your print run.

At Print Hutt we can offer you a full digital service – from roll-to-roll or flatbed, we determine the best way to complete your job and advise the most appropriate method to ensure you achieve the results you are looking for.