Corflutes provide an affordable option with the advantage of being a strong, durable, lightweight and water resistant product. Corflute signs are a cost effective form of short term signage that are typically used by real estate agents, trades people and event planners to display information regarding a location or event.

Printed Corflutes are a great cost-effective solution for temporary signage

Corflute is lightweight yet weather resistant making it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor use. Corflute signs come in a variety of colours and thicknesses. The most common thicknesses are 3mm and 5mm.  They can have vinyl lettering or a full colour vinyl print applied to the face. They can also be screen printed or printed on a flat bed printer directly onto the Corflute sign.

A-Frames can be supplied with easily interchangeable corflute signage.  Corflutes can be digitally printed in full high resolution colour and inserted into an A-Frame to quickly advertise a special event, direct your clients to a location or advertise a new product.  These are easily portable from one location to another and come in a variety of sizes.

Custom Corflutes Signs for Special Events

Trade Shows, Conventions, Festivals and other Special Events often require signage to direct your clients in and around the event.  Corflutes can be custom printed with your design or event name as well as directions to locations such as parking, restrooms and a first-aid station.  Lightweight corflutes are easily relocated from one location to another and in the case of a Festival, easily removed ready to use in another town, or in the following year.

Corflute Election Signs

Corflute election signs

Whether it be Federal, State or even Local Council Election, corflutes are the perfect medium for advertising to your constituents running up to election time.  Our dedicated team of graphic artists can work with you to design your signs so you get the result you want.

Environmentally Friendly Corflutes

Here at Print Hutt we understand every Australian’s commitment to the environment so we offer two options to our customers. We are able to supply EcoPure biodegradable corflutes which are manufactured in Australia. This is also known as Bioflute. Please contact us if you would like a brochure outlining product details.

recycle symbol

The other alternative is to use recyclable Corflute signage. Print Hutt have an agreement with the manufacturer of Corflute, Corex, for them to take back any signs returned to us and they guarantee to recycle them responsibly.